• Hey Conan, I see you sometimes make edits that change some of the wording I've got set up for the single pages, like replacing "Lista de Canciones" with "Tracklist" and so on. This is not a problem, but maybe it'd be good to go to the source of those phrases, so I don't use them again in the future. I could also have Robo Kiss make some of these changes on a bigger scale, like we did with the Oricon wording a bit back.

    I took the spreadsheet where I keep the versions for different languages and cut out the stuff that doesn't really matter here, like stuff for the other languages, and we're left with a list of the English phrases and the current Spanish version. It's not 100% in order, but things are mostly grouped as they'd come up on the page. Words dealing with the type of release at top, section names, song credit roles all together, category stuff near the bottom.

    No rush on any of this, of course.

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    • Oh I see, but there is no problem, I can edit it myself because I think there were only two or three words that were bad translated, the other things I edited were missing information.

      But, if you want to change it with Robo Kiss the words were "Lista de Canciones" (that good translated is "Tracklist"), Ejecución en Conciertos and Ejecución en Televisión (good translated Actuaciones en Conciertos and Actuaciones en Televisión) and Vídeos Adicional (good translated Vídeos Adicionales)

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    • OK, cool, the pages are being processed now.

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