• A few weeks back I mentioned the different style of member infobox in use at the English wiki. I've started trying to copy it over to the wikis of other languages. For most of them I haven't yet got to trying to make them look proper for the target language, but Spanish is one exception. I used the existing pages as a source for some of the needed phrases, but others I went to Google Translate so there might be some weird or incorrect stuff. I'll list all the replacements below so you can more easily notice the messed up ones. There are a lot more things listed than we see in most infoboxes--I guess it's just being completionist, we don't see a lot of infoboxes with shoe sizes listed, but whatever.

    Other than looking different, one advantage of this infobox style is it will automatically take care of some of the categories. When the birth date is set, it automatically puts them in the "Nacidos en whenever" categories, and similarly when told where they're from it puts them in "Miembros desde wherever" categories.

    So far I've just set up one test use of it, at Nakanishi Kana.

    Here's the list of English -> Spanish replacements made:

    Background Information -> Información de antecedentes

    Birth Name -> Nombre de nacimiento

    Stage Name -> Nombre artístico

    Also Known As -> También conocida como

    Former Names -> Nombres anteriores

    Born -> Fecha de nacimiento

    Birthplace -> Lugar de nacimiento

    Origin -> Origen

    Died -> Fecha de muerte

    Blood Type -> Tipo de sangre

    Zodiac Sign -> Signo del zodiaco

    Height -> Altura

    Shoe Size -> Tamaño del zapato

    Genre -> Género

    Occupation -> Ocupación

    Years Active -> Años activa

    Agency -> Agencia

    Label -> Discográfica

    Associated Acts -> Actos relacionados

    Sub-Units -> Subunidades

    Website -> Sitio Web

    Blog -> Blog

    (Group) Information -> Información (Group)

    Joined -> Unido

    Generation -> Generación

    Member Color -> Color miembro

    Graduated -> Graduado

    Left -> Dejó

    Time in Group -> Tiempo en grupo

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    • Wow, it's really good! There are only some typos:

      Joined-> Se unió el* instead of Unido

      Left-> Se retiró el* instead of Dejó

      Graduated-> Se graduó el* instead of Graduado

      Sub-Units-> Sub-Units (In Spanish we say Sub-Unidades yes, but I think no one in history has never said Sub-unidades XD, it's the same sa occured with sencillo-single.)

      Birth Name-> Nombre Real* instead of Nombre de nacimiento

      Shoe size-> Talla de zapato* instead of Talla del zapato

      Former names-> Antiguos nombres* instead of Nombres anteriores

      Background information-> Información* instead of Información de antecedentes

      Time in group-> Tiempo en el grupo* instead of tiempo en grupo

      Member color-> Color

      And behind the photos it puts Nakanishi Kana promover Desugita Kui...,  a good traslation would be Nakanishi Kana promocionando Desugita Kui...

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    • Alright, thanks, all those changes made.

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    • Oh! Just a little thing I've just saw! In the occupations it puts Ídolo, and it's Idol no ídolo, sorry! >.<

      The other things are perfect, thanks!

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    • Thanks. If I get this further along with the other languages, I'll probably make some list of terms like those that will commonly end up used in them, like I've got for the single pages in various languages.

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    • I've seen that there are typos in the categories, in the Miembros desde... ones, the correct traslation would be Miembros de... Should I delete them?

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    • If they're wrong, yeah. Hold off just a little bit, though--I can run a program to change the categories already on pages to the proper names, and will set up the replacement names so they keep the little bit of information already in them, like the category they're held in (assuming "Miembros por Prefecturas‏‎" is good?) and links to English version.

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    • Ok, and yeah, Miembros por Prefecturas is good.

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    • Alright, I think everything that needed changing has had it, so deleting the Miembros desde should be safe.

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    • Yes, now it's good, thanks!

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    • Oh, I saw another categories bad translated, the Formación de x Miembro ones, the good traslation would be Formación de x miembros.

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    • OK. I don't have time right now, but I'll get them moved sometime in the next day.

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    • Ok, no problem :)

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    • OK, think I got it taken care of.

      By the way, if you notice "Robo Kiss" in a page history, that's my bot account. It's the one used by the programs or scripts that do a lot of automatic edits. Bot account edits are hidden, so like changing the Miembro categories on all those pages didn't fill up Recent Wiki Activity.

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    • Ah ok, thanks!

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    • At another wiki I just made it so the Member Infobox automatically puts people in a proper blood type category. I was going to do the same here, but want to get it right. It's not much in use, but there are already "Grupo Sanguineo B" and "Grupo Sanguineo O" categories. I'm pretty sure at the very least the i in there should be an í, so that's a possible fix. Google Translate suggests very different naming altogether, though, like "Tipo de sangre AB".

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